Friday, May 16, 2008

should students take part in politics...................

The commitiee on petitions of the Lok sabha , a few years ago recommended & passed that the voting age must be reduced to 18 years so that students would have active participation in politics & consequently in National activities . But this issue was under discussion & subjected to debates & seminars for a long time , pointing out that in some democratic countries including the U.S , the age of old franchise is 18 , for a person becomes a major under the law of that country for any purpose at the age of 18 . It is true that the responsibility for exercising is not more ownerous than that arising under civil or criminal laws . And so, we too brought the voting age iun India from 21 to 18 .

Inspite of this apparently arguments in favour of allowing the students to have participaTION IN POLITICS , there is no doubt that such a move has been disasterous in the present conditions in India . It has greatly demoralised higher education as the students of every university & colledge have been split into political parties . Now the students are badly exploited by the politicians & we here of conferences & rallies of students under the patronage of political parties This has already produced a state of chronic indiscipline in many universities leading to closure of schools & colledges , disruption of studies & postponement of examination resulting in further lowering of educational standards , which is already unsatisfactory in comparison with those of other countries .

The participation of students in politics does not merely mean the exercise of the vote as in the case of government servants who are presented from active participation in party politics .

Moreover the chances of hot blooded youth becoming involved in election campaigns & demonstrations will be greatly increased . So the participation of students in politics will do more harm than good .

Thursday, May 1, 2008

wonderz of the world

the gr8 wall of china...................................
the statue of jesus in Brazil .................

the tower of pisa..................................

the eiffel tower......................................................

the pyramids of egypt..................

the Taj Mahal of Agra . .....the hanging garden of Babylon

Saturday, April 26, 2008

heritages of kolkata...............................

Kolkata - as it is known as the city of joy boast of some rich cultural heritages that is famous all over the world . Firstly , we should must mention the age old monument Victoria memorial , as it is called replicant of the Taj Mahal which is situated in Agra . It is a very beautiful place situated right at the main junction of the Jawaharlal Nehru Road & The Red Road . People flock at this place specially during the saturdays & the sundays with their kids & have fun . Just beside this historical wonder lies the Birla Planetorium . It is a scientific center where astronomical shows are carried . Next we can mention the name of the National Library which lies beside the Alipore Zoo . This library is the oldest library in India which constitutes some handsome number of books . The Akashbani Bhavan which is actually the radio center can also be visited .The Jawaharlal Nehru Museum OR THE iNDIAN Museum is visited as s0me historic treasures are kept under tight security . Beside the Hoogly lies the second largest stadium of the world which is the Eden Gardens . It is this cricket ground which can hold nthe largest amount of capacity crowd of about 1 , 10 , 000 people , which is the maximum that any cricket ground of this world can .

Friday, April 25, 2008

antarctica-the common heritage...........................

Antarctica once isolated by time , distance & ignorance no longer remains the unknown continent . Since its discovery in 1820 explorers from many nations have struggled against turbulent seas , floating ice , raging storm & sub zero temperature to chart its frozen waters .

With an area of about 14 , 20 , 00 ,000 square kilometers , the frozen continent is larger than any country in the world , with only less than 5 percent visible while the rest is covered by a vast expanse of ice more than 200 meters of thick & containing 90 % of worlds ice reserve .

The Antarctica land is almost completely barren of plant life , the only ones being mosses & microscopic fungi . But the Antarctic seas are almost as rich in life as the land is barren , with plenty of fish , seals & whales as well as many smaller creations .

In the international geographical year 1957-58 12 nations co-operated

in a massive programme of Antarctic research & exploration , setting up many bases & scientific stations . The continent remains nature's unique treasure endowed with minerals , oil & food resources . Its strategic location & potential minerals resources made it a site of intense territorial competition among the nations of the world .

India , despite being late ON THE SCENE HAS DONE SOME USEFUL scientific spadework in the first two expeditions .

However , not individual efforts , but only complementery & co - operative endeavours by all nations may yeild the benefit of making Antarctica a common heritage of mankind . I

the pot calls the kettle back..............

The pot & the kettle are both black . The colour of the kettle is not inherent.

It is requred during the process of boiling water . And perhaps a little cleaning will remove the stain . But the case of the pot is different . Its blackness is in born , wash it or clean it , it will still remain there . But yet the beauty is the pot calls the kettle black !

The pot & the kettle are the only euphemisms . They stand for people who are not perfect . Indeed in this world ., nobody is perfect . Every one of us , big or small , all have some kind of vice or blemish . None without a black spot . But we conviniently forget our deformity in other people . Not merely do we notice it , but also make much pf it , talk in a loud voice & proclaim it to the world around . But why???

The morals & the values we have set before us , donot allow us to honour & worship vice . A lie should put on the garb of truth before it can claim acceptance . No bad man is respected no vice is tolerated . But still knowing all this , we do not try to wipe out our black spots. We wish to pass for the virtuous & command respect . We do not think of real solution & reform us ; on the other hand , we find someone who is not so virtuous & expose his weakness to the world . It is certainly not because of sadistic tendencies in us ; but because we want to escape under the protecting sheild of comparison . A little introspection will set things right & we would stop calling the kettle black.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

thingz 2 remembr

1 . 3 thingz 2 remember .............

1 . oldage

2 . faith

3 . law

2 . 3 thingz 2 respect ................................

1 . purity

2 . honesty

3 . hardwork

3 . 3 thingz 2 maintain ...................................

1 . promise

2 . frndshp

3 . affection

4 . 3 thingz 2 control ............................................

1 . tongue

2 . temper

3 . temptation

5 . 3 thingz 2 admire .................................

1 . beauty

2 . intellect

3 . charector


In order to enable us to gain in life the highly

" x" perienced Mr . Mathematics lends us his advice which is sure to pay rich dividends .......

He saya : -

1 . SUBTRACT your EGO .


3 . ADD your HARDWORK .


Doing this will incline you to the ANGLE OF SUCCESS &

The TRIGONOMETRY of life will be totally yours ......

And the RATIO between your success & happiness will be well propotioned . Our joys of life can be obtained by giving a DISCOUNT to our vices .

And it is this FORMULA which makes triumph & satisfaction

a CHORD of the CIRCLE of our life & failure its TANGENT .

sO PEOPLE yeild a SIMPLE INTEREST oF YOUR SIMPLICITY & COMPOUND INTEREST of your hardwork & your life will be joyfull to a INFINITY .